Tiếng Việt

Dynamism underlined for Vietnam’s export economy

The relationship between the growth of domestic content of exports and other output growth is quite close. Balance of payments constraint and economic growth are based on numerous factors. Countries need dollars to pay for essential imports and to meet payments obligations associated with interest payments on debt and profits...

Debt obligations and fund access head banking issues

Vietnam’s banking sector is likely to experience a bumpy road ahead. Tran Thi Khanh Hien, research director of VNDIRECT Securities Corporation, spoke with VIR’s Hong Dung about the outlook for the sector.

Economic and financial review of the 3rd quarter, 2022

The world entered the third quarter of 2022, faced with complicated and unpredictable changes: Covid-19 epidemic waves still broke out in many places; Geopolitical tensions in many regions; Inflation increased and persisted in some major economies (Europe, US and UK...), monetary policy tightened in some major countries; Goods trade narrowed...

New exchange rate policy not without risk

Exchange rate volatility is increasing due to geopolitical shocks across the globe. Thanks to its sound policy framework, Vietnam has remained largely immune to such international turbulence. However, exchange-rate depreciation is not without risks, writes Patrick Lenain, senior associate at the Council on Economic Policies.

Non-traditional approaches to monetary polices

Exchange rates and interest rates are being handled in a satisfactory manner, according to Dr. Truong Van Phuoc, a member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Group and former acting chairman of the National Financial Supervisory Commission. He talked to VIR about the State Bank of Vietnam’s recent moves on...

Macro stability considered key for Vietnam’s growth in remaining months: Gov’t

Stability is essential for Vietnam to mantain growth amid growing global uncertainties.