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Bank customers warned of fraud amid Covid-19 outbreak

According to Nam Á Bank, as concern over the Covid-19 outbreak grows, information on the virus and measures to stay free of the disease have been sent to bank customers frequently by email, text message or on social media. Scammers have taken advantage of these activities to deliver malicious emails to customers or use phishing emails to harvest their personal data.

These kinds of malicious emails and text messages feature subjects and content related to the disease, asking users to click on attached links. On clicking the link or opening the email or message, the user’s system could get infected with malware and have its data stolen, the bank said in a warning to its customers.

In other cases, hackers can steal money by asking users to provide e-banking information.

Maritime Bank’s technical experts said banks never ask customers to provide their passwords under any circumstances.

Accordingly, bank customers should follow the given advice to avoid the ploys of hackers and only access the banks’ official channels.

If customers discover their bank card or internet banking information has been disclosed, they should contact bank hotlines for immediate assistance.

According to a Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) representative, VPBank sends a one-time password to their customers’ registered phone number or email address when they log into their bank accounts on a new device. Customers should not reveal the code to anyone, especially imposters posing as bank staff, if they receive a code without attempting to log in.

Source: https://vietnamnews.vn/