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Shinhan Finance named Best Sustainability Development Company Vietnam 2020

What does the award mean for Shinhan Finance?

Oh Tae Joon, deputy CEO of Shinhan Finance: We are honoured to have been awarded the Best Sustainability Development Company Vietnam in 2020. The recognition is based on a few guiding criteria such as the sustainable development goals, business practices, strategy, and sustainability management, employee safety and wellbeing, as well as stakeholder engagement and involvement in sustainable development in the region.

The path to get where we stand today has been consistent. We have convinced our investors and employees that sustainability was the way forward and could generate real value for Shinhan Finance.

What business development strategy and role does Shinhan Finance strive to assume in the future?

Atul Dixit, CEO of Shinhan Finance: Shinhan Finance is built on the strong fundamental pillars of sustainable growth, compassionate finance, and corporate social responsibility, we are committed to protect and enhance the credit environment in Vietnam. We have integrated sustainability as one of the most important criteria in our risk assessment and decision-making procedures, we shall strengthen it more in the coming years.

This would not only assist in our company’s financial health but also contribute to banking and the financial stability of Vietnam under the State Bank of Vietnam’s direction, at the same time, it will pave the way for Vietnam’s economic growth and social development.

Shinhan Finance, known for its Compassionate Finance, has built a business around the lending of lifestyle demands that was not only profitable and sustainable to uphold a virtuous cycle of shared prosperity but also helped enhance the health of national credit. It was time to re-embed this into the heart of the company.

What is Shinhan Card’s key management direction for Shinhan Finance?

Cheung Soon Young, director and head of Global Business Department of Shinhan Card: Shinhan Card, as a leading multi-finance company of Korea, plans to expand the product portfolio of Shinhan Finance in Vietnam from the current credit loan centred to various financial products including consumer goods loan, auto instalment, and credit card business, incorporating the business know-how from our Seoul head office.

Also, Shinhan is actively making its transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution through the adoption of big data, fintech, and AI. Shinhan Card is the No.1 multi-finance company with advanced financial business capabilities including highly effective marketing techniques and a pre-emptive risk management system.

“ Shinhan Vietnam Finance Co., Ltd. is actively involved in the sustainable development of the region. Their sustainable development goals, business practices, strategy and sustainability management, employee safety and well-being, as well as stakeholder engagement, helped them stand out as a clear winner this year,” said Wanda Rich, editor, Global Banking & Finance Review. “We look forward to seeing more from them in the years to come.”

Shinhan Card offers various digital and AI-based hyper-personalised marketing on everyday life through the No.1 life-financial platform “Shinhan Pay FAN”. We plan to bring a new wave to the Vietnamese market by introducing already confirmed and verified digital technology from the Seoul head office. With the opening of Shinhan Finance in Vietnam, Shinhan Card will continue to consistently integrate its capabilities to contribute to the financial development of Vietnam and to fulfil our corporate social responsibilities.

Shinhan Finance (shinhanfinance.com.vn) is a fully foreign-owned subsidiary of Shinhan Card, a leading multi-finance company in Korea. The company has been officially operating under the Shinhan Finance brand since July 2019.

With Shinhan Card’s know-how in financial products and the company’s more than 13 years of experience operating in Vietnam’s consumer lending market, Shinhan Finance aims to be named among the best customer-oriented finance companies in Vietnam.

With the widespread business network nationwide, the company has the capability to serve customers with flexible financial solutions, enablingcustomers to fulfil their dreams and enhance their living standards.

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