Tiếng Việt
NFSC Acting Chairman receives ADB consultation mission

On September 13, 2022 at the Headquarter 109 Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, NFSC’s Acting Chairman Vũ Nhữ Thăng received the Asian Development Bank’s consultation mission with the participation of the representatives from subordinated departments of NFSC.

ADB delegates comprise of Mr. Emaad A. Siddiqui, Principal Investment Specialist, Private Sector Portfolio (PSPM), Private Sector Operation Department (PSOD) (Mission Leader), Mr. Doukas Doukidis, Senior Investment Specialist, PSPM, PSOD (Mission Member), Mr. Mohit Bahl, Associate Investment Officer, PSPM, PSOD (Mission Member), Mr. Andreas Rimkus, Director, Risk Management Credit Division 1 (RMCD1), Office of Risk Management (ORM) (Mission Member), Mr. Hasnain Siddiqui, Principal Risk Management Specialist, RMCD1, ORM (Mission Member), Mr. Shoaib Khan, Risk Management Specialist, RMCD1, ORM (Mission Member).

During the meeting, the two sides have discussed on the main topics:

  1. View and outlook of the Financial Institutions sector (banks and NBFIs).
  2. View on competitive environment in the Financial Institutions sector. Policy measures to be taken.
  3. View on optimum banking sector structure (different types of financial Institutions and their roles). Sector Consolidation
  4. View on Basel II implementation and Transition to the next Basel framework
  5. Discussion on current values and policy targets for basic financial metrics (capitalization, asset quality, liquidity, profitability)
  6. Basic framework for foreign investors in the Financial Institutions area. Current and changes to be made.

Besides, the two sides also talked about Vietnam’s macro economic situation, advantages and difficulties in macro economic management as well as the needed policy measures.

During this field trip, the consultation mission would meet with the central bank and regulatory organizations, banks which are current and prospective clients, and other private local and foreign institutions to get an update on market developments and to exchange views on business prospects and development.