Tiếng Việt

Overcoming supply chain woes could boost Vietnamese economy by $1.9 billion

TMX Global has reported that recent global challenges have had a significant impact on the Vietnamese economy, especially in the supply chain sector, setting the national economy back by a staggering $1.9 billion annually.

Vietnam’s banking system shows signs of money surplus

Vietnam’s banking system is showing signs of returning to a period of money surplus as no bank needs the State Bank of Vietnam's (SBV) capital in the open market operation (OMO) channel and overnight interbank interest rates have dropped sharply.

Fiscal policy forecast to be key driver for Vietnam’s growth in 2023

As global demand is slowing and adversely affecting export countries including Vietnam, fiscal policy will significantly help support Vietnam’s economic growth in 2023, experts said.

Commercial bank NIM status following projections

The recent decline in net interest margin of commercial banks has been deemed not as significant as anticipated, with some smaller-scale banks showing improvements on the issue.

Dynamism underlined for Vietnam’s export economy

The relationship between the growth of domestic content of exports and other output growth is quite close. Balance of payments constraint and economic growth are based on numerous factors. Countries need dollars to pay for essential imports and to meet payments obligations associated with interest payments on debt and profits...

Debt obligations and fund access head banking issues

Vietnam’s banking sector is likely to experience a bumpy road ahead. Tran Thi Khanh Hien, research director of VNDIRECT Securities Corporation, spoke with VIR’s Hong Dung about the outlook for the sector.